As a major local airline, it is important that Cebu Pacific’s in-flight safety cards are up to date and simple enough for anyone to understand. 
Because of its folding design, the previous version of the safety cards was easy to store but easily damaged. To address this, the newer cards are laid out as single pages, printed back-to-back.
The most crucial aspect of the design was the clear and accurate communication of instructions. The positions of the hands and feet, mechanism usage per type of door, and directions per type of landing all had to be clear and concise.
This precision allowed the text to be reduced to only what was necessary. Certain guidelines were also replaced by symbols that are universally recognized and faster to read. In times of emergency, it is vital that information is conveyed as efficiently as possible.
Despite the A321 CEO having more types of doors and landings than the A330, instructions for both aircrafts were had to fit in the same card dimensions.
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