Hobbes and Landes Gift Wrapper
Art Direction, Branding, Pattern Design
Museo Pambata 25th Anniversary
Branding, Art Direction
Alliance Desk Calendar
Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design
DMCI Newsletter
Art Direction, Illustration, Editorial Design
Cebu Pacific Flight Safety Cards
Illustration, Art Direction, Interaction Design
Cebu Pacific Ticketing Office
Art Direction, Branding, Interior Design
Cebu Pacific Calendar
Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design
SP Castro
Branding, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Cebu Pacific Main Office
Illustration, Interior Design
Malagos Chocolate Illustrations
Illustration, Art Direction, Packaging
Filipinas Flora and Fauna Map
Illustration, Art Direction
Books Philippines at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Art Direction, Exhibition Design
Prestige Paper Products Portfolio
Art Direction, Print Design
Women and War
Exhibition Design
Malagos Chocolate Packaging
Art Direction, Packaging
Illustration, Art Direction, Print Design
Awit at Laro Bugtong Fans
Art Direction, Illustration
Malagos LuzViMin Packaging
Illustration, Art Direction, Packaging
Branding, Corporate Identity, Art Direction
Awit at Laro Packaging
Illustration, Packaging
Why Design Matters
Illustration, Creative Direction
Mamita's Garden Collector's Box Set
Graphic Design, Art Direction
GA Printing Packaging
Branding, Corporate Identity
Branding, Packaging
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