Cebu Pacific is the Philippines' leading low-cost airline, with over 60 destinations in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. CEB approached Studio Dialogo to help redesign its ticketing offices to better serve its customers. The new design was first applied to CEB's ticketing offices at NAIA Terminals 3 and 4, and is currently being cascaded to the rest of its domestic and international destinations.

The old ticketing offices lacked organization. There were no visual cues for the customers to line up based on their needs. The counters were cluttered with different types of signages and reminders. The uniform of the customer service staff merged with the wall interiors.
Starting from the office exterior, there are larger-than-life illustrated passengers heading towards the doors. These people, as opposed to arrows, lead the viewers to the entrance.
We worked with Rubbertree Design Studio to help design the flow of the interiors. They also designed custom kiosks, tables and chairs for the different areas.
Illustrations, together with large typography, give visual instructions and mark the different areas in the office: Self-service kiosks, regular inquiries, and express services.
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