JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG) consists of JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation (JGSPC) and JG Summit Olefins Corporation (JGSOC) which are both wholly owned subsidiaries of JG Summit Holdings, Inc (JGSHI). JGSOC operates the first and only naphtha cracker plant in the Philippines. JGSPC is the largest manufacturer of polyolefins in the Philippines. It is the first and only integrated PE and PP resin manufacturer in the country.
JGSPG approached Dialogo to redesign their company logo and collaterals.
The logo mark arose from the ideas of synergy and chemistry. It is a knot consisting of two overlapping and interlocking colored bands of green and blue. The knot visually suggests the symbol of an atom, representing the nature of the company.
The overlapping green and blue bands also symbolize the synergy of organizations, people, and resources as well as the bond between the company and the environment.
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